Welcome to Kecia’s Flavor Breakthrough!

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 I am so excited that you have stopped by to check out my page! This is my first blog, so bear with me while we iron out the kinks together!

Introduction to Kecia’s Flavor Breakthough and Kecia

Oh! Wait a minute; I need to pause to stir the onions I am caramelizing on the stove…

First of all, if you couldn’t tell this blog will be about cooking! I love to cook and I love a lot of flavor and my husband, he loves to eat! I truly just want to share the things that I am learning, the recipes I am writing and to have a lot of fun as well as make a few friends along the way!


To tell you about myself:
I am married to a super fabulous man that I waited my whole life to find. I have a teenage son who is absolutely great and two beautiful step daughters and three grandchildren! When I married my husband I inherited a very large family and honestly, I really love that! It has been wonderful becoming a member of such a wonderful group of people!

BeFunky_Hubby and Me.jpg

We live in upstate NY… now remember, UPSTATE, so I mean we live in the country. It is beautiful most seasons of the year. That is something about me, I do not care for winter. I like the food of winter, soups and such but I hate being cold! I know… why did I move to New York State? Well as my guy says, “Everything happens for a reason.’ I guess it was to be able to find him and my new family! Plus the rest of the year it is beautiful here!


One of my other favorite things is to garden. This summer I enlarged my garden, mostly tomatoes and herbs, but some peppers and squash, too! I spent most of the fall preparing sauces, and soups for the freezer. Next year I will work on learning the canning process, because once again I have asked my wonderful husband to enlarge that garden!

BeFunky_Garden One.jpg BeFunky_Garden 2.jpg

So again, welcome… I hope you enjoy what you find! 

Soon more about the food I was telling you about…

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  1. Elaine Thompson


    Your dad sent me the link to your blog. It is so, so cool! And, you are so smart to be able to set it up.


    I am anxious to try some of your recipes.


    • Kecia

      Please feel free to subscribe, it will send you an email to tell you I have added one.

      Thanks Elaine! I am really excited, it is a lot of fun!

  2. Elaine Thompson


    You are amazing! Brilliant! You know how to link all of this. Your photos are beautiful and make me salivate!

    And, you are a wonderful mom. Steven is amazing. I remember when he was born! When you mentioned he is a teenager, in made me realize how quickly time flies.

    I am truly happy for your in your marriage!


  3. Kecia

    Thank you Elaine. I am really glad you like it. I think it will get even better as I go. It is on Facebook and Pinterest as well. I am trying to spread the word.

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