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By: Kecia’s Flavor Breakthrough!
May 28, 2014

I know it! I know it! I have been MIA lately! Is it just me or does the world seem to be spinning faster and faster? I guess it is just that time of year. Of course I say that every season, right? Well, spring is bustling here on our little spot of the world. I am planting, cleaning up the yard and finding hidden treasures!

Over the holiday weekend I had planned to get all of my planting done. Of course I had taken Friday off just to get this done so I could be available for my Honey to help him with his projects on Saturday. And just like last year! Boom… terrible weather ALL DAY! Rained like crazy!


But… by the late afternoon, it stopped briefly and I was finally able to plant in THE WORLD BEST PLANTER! Made by my wonderful Honey! He spend most of the day hollowing this HUGE log out last summer. I am thinking he picked THE hottest day of the whole summer to do it, too! I love the guy, he always does the nicest things for me! Now isn’t this just the coolest planter ever?

I love to do little splashes of flowers over our property. I have a large garden at the bottom of our hill that needs to be planted, still. Hopefully this weekend! I have the flowers. But I have several pots and a few perennials up near our house.


Several years ago I had seen a half of a whiskey barrel tipped on its side so it looked like flowers spilling out of it. Then a few years later my mother discovered a great metal bucket that I have used for the same purpose every year! I just love how cute it looks. My mother-in-law gave me the cute little frog statue for Mother’s Day this year and my mother painted the flowers on the little rock. So I guess this is my little mom’s corner.

We really, my Honey and I, love to walk out back in the field and woods. This time of year it is so fun! New plants, new wild life… I love to see all the tadpoles in the swamp, this year I found some ducks and we usually have geese out there, too. Not to mention lots of deer and rabbits. It is so wonderful to see, hear and smell the signs of spring. Our frogs sing, the birds chirp and the woodpeckers hammer away at the trees in the woods!


Last night we were walking and we came across this little hidden treasure! It was amazing! I had never been so close to a little fawn before. We were able to take a lot of photos, which was really fun! Such a beautiful little sight!

So… hang in there with me. More recipes, travels and vintage posts to come! I love to share with all of you! More updates soon! The good thing for you all? I haven’t stopped cooking and a lot of the things I have made have been… as good on the plate as they are in my head! So I have a huge back log of recipes to post for you!

Thanks for a stopping by as always!


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