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I am still behind on a few recipes that I want to get posted this weekend! Look forward to them!

Meanwhile I also have tons of new ideas that I want to test in Kecia’s Test Kitchen. My poor family! Nah! I think they enjoy it as much as I do, most of the time!

The weather here is supposed to be getting cold again, today it is warm and melting everything off. I am so excited for spring to get here so I can utilize all the wonderful things my Honey made for me last fall. My greenhouse for one and this wonderful new planter he made for me out of a log that had fallen in our back woods! Plus I just want to get outside!

The many things I enjoy about springtime are mainly outside gardening things. Last year we put in a new perennial garden that I am looking forward to adding to! Totally love flowers and I want so to have a nice full cutting garden one of these days! We also put in a new garden box for my herb garden and I believe we will be trying to add an additional box for more veggies as well as a patch for pumpkin patch with a few melons! Honey, were we doing this? So yes… I guess I am very excited for the upcoming spring; diggin’ in the dirt time! It is a lot to do, but I really do love it!

It also means motorcycle weather is around the corner! With that means some fun traveling around to wonderful places in our lovely state. So many parks, hiking trails and fun things to do and see here in the summertime! So much to do, so little time… 

Hope you are all enjoying the blog. I know mostly I post recipes; I hope I can be a little more than that, but for now keep coming by, checking out the food, test some of them… You will like them! And remember you can find me on Pinterest, Facebook, Ziplist and possibly soon on Google+ or of course right here! 

Enjoy… and as I like to say, if it is as good on the plate as it is in my head I will post it soon!

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