Introduction to Aunt Wilda’s and Other Vintage Recipes!

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My Great Aunt Wilda on vacation…

Aunt Wilda’s and Other Vintage Recipes!

By: Kecia’s Flavor Breakthrough!

May 18, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I sure have been seeing a lot of people posting about vintage recipes on the social media sites. I think this is a great idea! I really enjoy seeing the things people use to make, the ingredients they were using, the old photographs! It is so fun!

I thought I might like to join in. I actually have the perfect source to work from! A few years ago my second cousin, Norma Jane Davis, published a wonderful collection of recipes from her mother, my grandmother and others… past recipes. She made this book for the family. I called her to ask if I could please, share some of these photos and wonderful recipes with my fans.

So, it has inspired me to create a special little addition to my blog: Aunt Wilda’s and Other Vintage Recipes. I have such fond memories of when I was a kid and my cousins and I would go to visit Aunt Wilda at her house. We would sit out on her covered front porch, on the floor playing cards, War to be exact. I miss those days… I did not have the opportunity to know Uncle Stub, he died the year I was born.

So, I will be sharing some favorite family recipes, some I remember my grandmother Mildred making. I hope you enjoy them. Keep in mind the times they were made… the ingredients are a little heavy, some I will have to make substitutions. I will also share some oldies from my mother’s REALLY old Betty Crocker Cook Book along the way.

I am excited about this venture! I hope you enjoy seeing the OLD photos, reading the old recipes, possibly, making and eating them, too.


AND as always: If it is as good on the plate as it was in my memories, recipes will be posted soon!


***I dedicate this feature of my blog to all of my family, old and new… with love and to the past line of wonderful cooks who inspired the deep love I have for cooking and sharing a great meal.***


From the book…  “Wilda’s  World, Fifty Years of Recipes and Reminiscences”

By: Norma J. Davis

“Dedicated with the greatest love and affection to my parents, Wilda and Angelo (Stub) Spezzano: To Dad, for his generosity, his sense of humor and his sweet tooth (which is definitely genetic) and to Mom, for her elegance, grace, and for feeding us well during good times and lean times while keeping the sweet tooth pacified – even when sugar and butter were rationed.”


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  1. This is wonderful… I have been thinking of sharing some of my grandmother’s favorite recipes. I would love to do a recipe book with her recipes and maybe some of my mom’s (although my mom’s wouldn’t be considered vintage yet)

    • Kecia

      Thank you Marlys!! I am so glad you came by! I am hoping it is as much fun as I think it is going to be! I hope you are able to do the recipe book! Fun!

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