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raspberry white chocolate cheesecake whole

Guest Post: Nicole from PicNic…

Nicole has inspired my “baking” side often. The best part about her wonderful cheesecake recipes is that most of them are no bake! I had never made a cheesecake before and this is the first one I ever did, Creamy Vanilla Cheesecake. My Honey just loves Nicole’s cheesecake recipes! So I really was so happy that when I asked Nicole to create a recipe for a guest post on my blog she made a new cheesecake! I can’t wait to get a few minutes to try this one out in my kitchen. Thank you so much Nicole for being a fantastic Guest Poster on my page and sharing your wonderful recipe with my readers!


Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake

I was delighted to be invited by Kecia to do a guest post for her blog. Kecia and her family love my cheesecake recipes so I knew straight away that I just had to do a cheesecake just for Kecia. No-bake cheesecakes are my favourite kind. They require minimal time and effort and there is no worry about whether it will set or not, and who doesn’t love a good cheesecake?

Serves 8-12

350 g (12 oz) chocolate cookies
100 g (3.5 oz) butter, melted
500 g (18 oz) cream cheese
1/2 Cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
125 g white chocolate
1 Cup + 2 Tbsp cream
1 Cup raspberries

1. Grease the base and sides of a 23 cm springform cake tin.

2. Process the cookies to a crumb in a food processor. Add the melted butter and process until well combined. Press into the base and up the sides of the prepared tin. Chill in the refrigerator while making the filling.

3. Beat the cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla until there are no lumps of cream cheese remaining. Whip the 1 cup of cream and fold this into the cream cheese mixture.

3. Melt the chocolate with 2 Tbsp liquid cream in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Fold into the cream cheese mixture.

4. Add the raspberries and mix in gently.

5. Spread the filling into the prepared base and return to the refrigerator to chill until set (give it a couple of hours) before serving.

6. Garnish with extra raspberries and white chocolate shavings.



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