1. We LOVE stuffed chicken breasts, but you’re right, most recipes are breaded, adding lots of extra calories. Your version looks so flavorful and definitely much healthier. Can’t wait to try them!

    • I apologize for your inconvenience with printing Lea. This is one of my earlier recipes and I have since added an app where I can put a “recipe card” at the end of the recipe. I have not had the opportunity to update all of my past recipes with this feature. However that being said, there is an option when you click the print button on my post that lets you remove all the photos which reduces how may pages print.
      At the top of the preview for your print ready page, you will see the photo %, if you change that to 0% it will remove the photos for you.

  2. Chase

    Gonna try it but not sure what I’m doing with the 2 tbsp oil? My guess it goes on the outside of the chicken.

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