A Friday Note

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So, a couple of weeks have past since I have started the new blog. I am having a lot of fun! It is great creating and posting new recipes.

 I told you when I began that this is a new experience for me, a learning one at that! I have had to learn a lot of things from how to link sites to my blog, program links to pictures, etc. It has been a little time consuming and complicated, but I have to tell you I love it!

I am hoping to be a little more “talkative” as things settle in more.

 Today, I wanted to share with you a few things. Before I found my husband I was a single mom of a wonderful son. I cooked for us, but just for the two of us and really had settled into a rut. Meeting my husband and becoming a family has opened a lot of new creative doors for me. I have had the support and encouragement from him to start this endeavor. Sometimes I wonder if he is so supportive because of the benefits for his tummy? Hmm. Kind of like the early gift he got me for Christmas… a meat smoker. Who exactly is that for? Just kidding Honey! You know I love it! He truly has supported me in this though. He has given me the opportunity to improve my old recipes and to implement new and creative ones. It is so much fun to cook for more than just two people and to have such an open audience to try the new recipes. Thank you for your continuing support Honey!

 When I moved into our home, he had already started a garden box, which I quickly filled. He had to add another one this year and I think another one is coming this next spring. Another wonderful gift he is giving me is a new greenhouse he is building for me which will give me the opportunity to grow and access the fresh things I crave for ingredients even in the winter as well as give me a place to start seeds for my garden in the spring! I am so excited, I love to watch the thing he puts together take shape and I love the finished product, always!

 Well look forward to a new recipe tonight! I think possibly a new soup, Chicken Tortellini!

 In the meantime, have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


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