Dinner Cruise on Seneca Lake!

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Day Trip Adventures: Installment #2

Dinner Cruise on Seneca Lake!

By: Kecia’s Flavor Breakthrough!

Trip on June 14, 2014

Written June 16, 2014

Today is June 16, 2014, it is my 2nd wedding anniversary to my wonderful Honey! He is what has been my inspiration to create my blog and my biggest fan. I didn’t know what I wanted to get him this year. It is kind of tough, because it is also Father’s day on the same weekend! I got him a gift for Father’s Day, but was stumped at what to do for our anniversary! I wanted it to be something that he would really enjoy and remember!

One day at the office my co-workers were talking about sail boating. I remembered that on our honeymoon we did a sunset cocktail cruise which we both loved. I asked if anyone knew any place that did sail boat cruises, but no one did, they just suggested I search Seneca Lake or Sodus. Well, I found a few on Seneca Lake. The one I picked was Seneca Harbor Station and Captain Bill’s. While it is not a sail boat, it had a lot to offer. Dinner, entertainment and cocktails… plus, well we would be on a boat in a lake, just us enjoying ourselves! Yep total win!!

So we were driving there and the whole way my Honey was trying to figure out what we were doing. We hit Watkins Glen and I truly had him puzzled. He thought we might be going to a race at the racetrack Watkins Glen International.  But he did realize it was not the right time of day. I think he was pleased when he did find out what we were doing!


As we were leaving the dock!

The cruise I chose was the Endless Summer Dinner Cocktail Cruise. I picked the prime rib for him and the stuffed Cornish game hen for me. The meal started with a chicken gumbo soup, then salad. The soup I think was canned, but it was OK. The salad, was out of a bag, but again… OK. Dinner came again mine was just mediocre. My Honey said his was good, but dry. But, that is why I cook at home most of the time! The drinks were very expensive and not included.


View from our table in the climate controlled section!

But really… we were not there for all of that. We were there for the experience. I must say, for me… it was a lot of fun! The cruise was three hours long.


View from out our open window!

Three hours of just me and my Honey, together, people watching and listening to music. We went out on the deck for a bit to stare at the scenic view. It was just a lot of fun! So I would highly recommend going sometime!


Happy with our trip!

So a lot of very pleasant memories and a lot of fun!!


View from the front of the boat!

While we were on our cruise we discovered a new place we want to go on our next day trip adventure! I can’t wait to see and take you to Hector Falls!


Back on land… view of the dock and our boat! Great night life at the dock!


An additional note: My Honey… he is so sweet! My beautiful flowers for our anniversary! See the tall green ones? I love these… they are Bells of Ireland! I think I want to get some for my garden!


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